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Greg Smith - Videos

Greg Smith playing with Buddy Rich at the North Sea Jazz Festival - 1978 video.

Buddy Plays the tune Grand Concourse in Holland 1978
Drums : Buddy Rich
Alto sax & Flute : Andy Fusco, Chuck Wilson
Soprano Sax : Steve Marcus, Chuck Wilson
Tenor Sax : Steve Marcus, Gary Pribeck
Bari Sax : Greg Smith
Trumpets : John Marshal, Mike Mc Govern, Mark Ohlsen, Chuck Schmidt
Trombones : Glenn Franke, Dale Kirkland, George Moran
Piano : Bob Kaye
Bass : Tom Warrington

"Bongo Riff" (Pete Rugolo) - 1998 video

Performance at the Kenton Sound Concert on August 22, 1998.
Arranged and conducted by Pete Rugolo.
Trumpets: Clay Jenkins, Carl Saunders, Tom Porrello, Dave Trigg, & Buddy Childers
Saxophones: Kim Richmond, Bill Perkins, Ray Reed, Jack Montrose, & Greg Smith
Trombones: Eric Jorgensen (trombone soloist), Dave Woodley, Harold Garrett, Jim Amlotte, & Kenny Shroyer
Piano: Claude Williamson; Bass: Dave Stone; Latin Percussion: Mike Pacheco; Drums: Peter Erskine.
Videotaped by: Clyde Yasuhara at Occidental College in Eagle Rock, California.

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Beverly Dahlke-Smith - Pics

Bev in 2009

Heeeere’s Beverly!!
... with Johnny Carson and Doc Severinsen in 1978.

Bev - Promo Shot

Beverly on tour with Harry James in 1978.

Beverly with the Les Brown Orchestra in 2000.

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Greg Smith - Pics


Greg Smith with Buddy Rich
at Umbria Jazz Festival - 1978

1978 after gig photo of Greg Smith
with Jazz drummer, Buddy Rich.

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